Suzuki ts100 specs

It's also a radical departure from accepted enduro bike design principles. The "L" model is wider, higher, stouter, guttier, quieter and faster than before. While up-dating the Apache Suzuki didn't just shuffle paint schemes around and change model designations.

The L-model has an all new frame, fork assembly, cylinder, head, muffler, carburetion and intake systems and different transmission gears. All of these changes have given the Apache an entirely new personality—different than its predecessors, different than its competitors. The previous two Apache models, though not extraordinary machines, were darn good combination street and trail motorcycles.

What these Apaches lacked were good off-road manners and decent suspension units. The present major changes should make the new Apache a better dirt bike—hence a better street machine. With their virtually untapped experience and knowledge of building world championship motocrossers, Suzuki should be able to make the Apache a better dirt bike with little effort.

Any company that can acquire six world championship motocross crowns, 34 grand prix race wins and FIM manufacturers championships with their works machines has an edge designing and building exceptional production dirt bikes. The new frame is an interesting exercise in design philosophy. While all new in structure, the frame retains the same geometry as the old one.

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The old frame was a single downtube assembly while the new is a double cradle chassis. Both have 30' head angles and the same engine location. The near inch wheelbase has not I changed; the swing arm retains the same basic dimensions as the old swing arm.

With the double downtube chassis design came a completely new cylinder, head and exhaust pipe. Use of a split, double downtube frame made it necessary to place the exhaust port in the center of the cylinder rather than offset to permit the exhaust pipe to pass directly between the chassis members.

250 Miles – 1974 Suzuki TS100

The cylinder head has been given a smaller combustion area to raise compression from 6. Additionally, there's more finning on both the cylinder and head to increase the cooling area. The new exhaust pipe is not only re shaped but has a different baffling system.

The baffles are designed to reduce combustion explosion inside the sheet metal muffler. The old spark arrester has been replaced by a cast two-piece spiral catch unit. Inside the big-bore two-stroke more changes have been made. Larger bosses, bigger reinforcing ribs, relocated holes and other improvements are not apparent to untutored eye. Another internal alteration has been made to the top end. Rather than retaining a floating rod crankshaft Suzuki has fixed the lateral movement of the beam by placing thrust-type shims on either side of the small end of the connecting rod.

This fixes the rod's side play by locating it on the wrist pin. This system may reduce needle-bearing clatter as the rod walks side-to-side.Until the late s, the typical "dual-sport" machine was a street bike wearing parts that made minimal concessions to off-highway riding and were chiefly cosmetic.

Suzuki TS100 information

The Yamaha DT-1 changed all that. It didn't take long for the other Japanese manufacturers — especially Suzuki — to catch on. With six world motocross championships in four years from with Joel Robert and Roger De Coster, Suzuki emphatically demonstrated the company's dirt-bike chops, and successfully translated the technology into their over-the-counter scramblers and dual-sport bikes.

It featured a cc single-cylinder, air-cooled 2-stroke engine with conventional piston porting, like the TM, but with a heavier flywheel, milder port tuning and smaller 32mm Mikuni carburetor. Straight-cut gears drove the plate wet clutch and 5-speed transmission.

The single downtube steel tube frame carried a non-adjustable telescopic fork at the front and a swingarm and dual shocks at the rear. The tires were 3. The TM used a 3 x inch front.

suzuki ts100 specs

The addition of battery and full lighting equipment, a swap from alloy wheel rims to steel, and a steering damper contributed to the TS's extra 47 pounds over the TM. The result was a bike that "works surprisingly well" on the street, Cycle World said. Other than that, oil the cables periodically and adjust the rear chain often.

It was offroad riding where the Apache almost literally fell down. Though testers liked the broad powerband, slick-shifting transmission, in-gear kickstart with automatic decompressor for quick restarting after a stalland good brakes, a number of factors conspired to make the Apache a handful in the woods. The smaller front wheel would "wash out" easily in turns and plowed into sand; a shorter fork meant less travel than the TM and a more forward weight bias; and soft, lightly damped rear shocks meant the rear wheel getting airborne too easily, leading to front-wheel landings, "one of the worst situations an off-roader faces," CW said.

Cycle magazine liked the TSJ better, in spite of some minor electrical issues: "It's a phenomenal street bike if your vibration threshold is high. It's a good enough dirt bike that ForSuzuki announced the Apache TSL, with a new dual downtube frame still with the same geometry of the Ja taller 3 x inch front wheel, and a revised engine with helical-gear primary.

Cycle's tester noted: "Changes to the intake to reduce noise seem to have adversely affected power delivery. Noting that the new frame carried the engine much higher, the tester was not too impressed with the TSL's handling, on-road or off. In the process we lost an old friend. With a 5mm bore increase for cc, "The DTB is notably better," they said in Novembercalling the DT's mill "the best enduro engine regardless of displacement from the Orient. Like the DT, the used a reed-valve intake, but had a larger carburetor and new radial-fin cylinder head, eliminating the mid-range detonation that Cycle magazine experienced with the In spite of an automatic decompressor, Cycle found the difficult to start, though Cycle World perfected the technique: two or three kicks through with the ignition off, then one with the ignition on usually got it going.

CW found the suspension gave a harsh ride on rough ground, where fork action deteriorated significantly. It is just as heavy and handles no better than its competition, but it does have an engine with the best possible power characteristics Unique in its class, the Kawasaki F5 offered a front fork that was adjustable for spring preload, height and trail — the Hatta fork legs could be rotated, offering three different axle locations; ahead, behind, or along the fork axis, shortening or lengthening the wheelbase 2 inches total.

That meant the Bighorn's fork could be tuned for enduro, desert or fire-road riding. Into the F5's dual-cradle frame went a rotary-valve 2-stroke single, with an available "Power-Pak" accessory option giving 45 horsepower, but at the expense of low-rpm torque.

That said, the same testers complained about a hard-to-find neutral when stopped with the engine running and false neutrals when shifting under load.Make Suzuki.

Model TS Honcho. Very good condition. Vin TS, Note: one photo is the sales brochure for details and specifications; the yellow bike is similar different color scheme. This clean vintage bike is in very good condition with only 4, original miles. All electrical engine management components replaced as well as tires, brakes, chain and sprockets, original carb just rebuilt. Original, clean and complete. Clear title. This is a Suzuki TS It has miles. It does not have a title, but does come with a bill of sale.

It is not currently running but it looks in good original condition. I have not looked into what it will take to get it running. I was told by the previous owner that it was running and riding last year and that all of the electrical works.

Brakes also works. It comes with an extra engine. This would be a good bike to part out or fix up and ride. If the deposit is not paid within 24 hours, I will cancel the sale and re-list the bike. Full payment must be made within 3 days. The bike is being sold as is with no warrenty.

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I will ship the bike world wide at the expense of the buyer. All shipping arrangements are to be made by the buyer after full payment is received and cleared into my account. Thanks for looking. Relisted due to 2 non paying ebay bidders, both of whom had over feedbacks but who scammed me.

I would put their names on here but ebay will not allow me to. Sellers, beware of alot of ebayers out there who try to scam you. Maybe there is an honest ebayer out there????? Extremely rare bike becasue it was the 25th production bike in !!!

That's right, the 25th GT to roll off the line in !!! Only original miles!!!!! Bike is a vintage time capsule!!!! GT The exhaust is exceptional and original.Pictures, trademarks and logos of third parties are the exclusive property of the respective owners. Technical specifications are subject to change without notice.

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suzuki ts100 specs

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Suzuki TS125 1976 Full Restore

Look at photos. And check out the rating of the bike's engine performance, repair costs, etc. Rating sample for this Suzuki bike. Reliability for the Suzuki TS B: You can also compare bikes.Suzuki TS Sierra. The gap between and dual-purpose machines is a hard one to fill.

The manufacturer must decide to design his machine to include the best features of the light weight, nimble handling, low cost along with the desirable qualities of a lots of power and torque.

This "in-between" sized motorcycle can make an owner very happy if it's been done properly, and Suzuki's Sierra fills the bill. Starting with the basics of their off-road model, such as the frame, Suzuki was off to a good beginning. They needed only to refine here and strengthen there so that the once could accept the now more powerful new cc engine unit.

But don't get the wrong idea. The Suzuki may have borrowed some items from the smallerbut it's an altogether different motorcycle to ride and enjoy. It's got a personality all its own. The frame, taken from the Duster, has been strengthened and reinforced in areas of stress created by the new engine. A single toptube and downtube joined at the steering head, while a pair of smaller tubes extend under the engine and curl up to join with the toptube.

This main frame section is amply cross-braced to provide rigidity and prevent flexing. Seat, rear fender and shocks mount to the sub frame and swinging arm section. A perforated, stamped steel skid plate attaches to the frame for rock protection. Welds left something to be desired, but the black finish was applied nicely. Suspension chores are carried out in a fine manner.

Front forks have ample travel and good rebound and damping characteristics, but also feature adjustable spring rates for riders of different weight. The cam-type adjusters are located in the top of each fork tube, and can be twisted with a screwdriver to allow soft, medium or hard settings.

It only takes a few minutes to change. Rear shocks are surprisingly good for Japanese units, and are five-way adjustable. Progressively wound springs are painted black, departing from the chrome finish found on most machines.

The forks do a good job of soaking up the little undulations along a backwoods trail, but at the same time they don't get snowed by the huge thud of a jump or the crashing blow of a deep hole.

Over rippling surfaces the rear shocks don't pump up and quit working, and as a result the rear end of the machine doesn't hop all over the trail with the rider fighting for control.

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You guide the Sierra, it doesn't guide you. Steel rims inch front. The wheels on the Sierra come with rim locks and balance weights, something you don't find on many din bikes. A nice touch, we think. The brakes on our test machine surprised us. The front unit is quite small but stopped much belter than we thought it would.

The rear unit, too, is light weight, yet it really works. So often brakes of this size give problems when it's time to slow down.

The ones on the Sierra had lots of feel so that the rider could descend a steep hill without locking the wheels, an important asset on any dirt machine. Also, they allow a rider a margin of safety when riding on the street. The IRC Trials tires are a good compromise for dual-purpose riding, but are more suited to the dirt, like the Sierra.

Tread patterns are the same front and rear, and the sizes are just right for most riding.

suzuki ts100 specs

Ground clearance with the stock tires is an ample 9. A study of Suzuki models, both street and dirt. For example, the ignition switch on some models mounts between the instruments in a convenient location. Other models have the switch sitting under the tank on the left side, where the rider must hunt to find it and where it is also more apt to collect-debris in off-road maneuvers. This is true of the Sierra's also.The Suzuki TS series is a family of two-strokedual-sport motorcycles made by Suzuki since The series was the first Suzuki trail bikes sold on the mass market.

Most of the TS line had an air-cooled engine and most models were introduced alongside the closely related TM Motocross or TC trail models, TF farm and also the DS for Dirt Sport, which had no turn signals, and simplified lighting which in most cases shared engine and chassis designs.

Suzuki's first mass market motocross bike, the TM Cyclone, was introduced in and was based on the TS that first sold in A TSER model was available in a few countries.

The TS is lighter than the by a few pounds, and has nearly the power of the but with a much more free revving motor.

With the only major redesign of the motors of this series, the new range shifted to a combined reed-valve and piston port type. In the North American market a cc race kit was available for the TS The size was to match an established class.

Suzuki TS125: history, specs, pictures

It consisted of an expansion chamber, new cylinder and head, piston, thin rings, larger carburetor, and much lower gearing. Different gearing was available for most models. These bikes were based on the ER range. The TF is still in production. It has left-and-right side stands with large bases, a large rear carrier, headlight and lever protection, a single seat, bash plate, large mud flaps and knobby tyres.

The very similar TC series was based on the TS series, with dual range gearboxes. Model names vary by region. They were then superseded by the mono-shock TSX model. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved 9 January Global Suzuki.

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suzuki ts100 specs

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